Walking through the major sale

If you don’t know what kind of sale your business is making, you may find yourself throwing money at your advertising and marketing, only to be disappointed with the results. You may have heard the saying,  “Nothing happens until somebody sells something,” but if you don’t know what kind of sale your business is making, […]

Features vs Benefits

Is your business blog’s content in need of sales training?  If you want your content to perform like a marketing superstar, then you’ll have to craft it with showcasing your product or service’s benefits in mind. Creating marketing messages which are focused on benefits instead of features may be even more important than tightly targeting your marketing message. […]

Niche Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Implementing a niche marketing strategy doesn’t have to be “limiting”.  On the contrary, by tightly focusing on a small niche audience – it’s easier to create compelling and selling marketing messages. One of the biggest hurdles I face with new clients is over the practice of implementing a niche marketing strategy. I have spent so much […]

Why you need a niche marketing strategy for your business

The internet is quickly becoming the best way to reach new customers and build your business.  However, in order to effectively advertise your business on the internet, you absolutely MUST have a niche marketing strategy in place if you plan to effectively use the internet to advertise your business. After years of working with small […]