Your B2B Niche Marketing Strategy

Niche marketing is not just for B2C websites but also apply to B2B websites as well. Creating an effective B2B Niche Marketing Strategy is essential to business to business marketing success.

Of of my recently discovered but quickly becoming favorite blogs is the one maintained by Joost de Valk. In a guest post B2B SEO: Marketing strategy for specific niches by his Onetomarket colleague Erik-Jan Bulthuis he writes:


As the graphs shows, it might take weeks or even months for someone decides to buy the product. In the same research of Enquiro Research, 85% of the respondents claim that they use online media somewhere in the buying process. This shows the importance of having a good B2B website for your products and services. Search engines do play an important role in the buying process.

When a purchasing decision takes weeks or months, that is defined by Neil Rackham of the Huthwaite Institute as a Major Sale. One of the defining characteristics of the Major Sale is that the buyer, whether it be an individual purchasing on behalf of a business or an individual purchasing on his/her own behalf, needs to be able to TRUST the seller.

That means, if you’re making a Major Sale that you need to be OBSESSED with building trust with your buyers.

One way to establish that trust is to have your website rank well NATURALLY on related keyword terms that your buyers are using to find the solutions your company offers.  There’s just something about the listings on those first few pages of Google that automatically inspires trust among buyers… whether they’re B2B or B2C!

Which is why SEO is important to every business trying to execute and niche marketing strategy which includes the web as a marketing tool.  It’s surprising how often visitors will type the business URL into the search box to find a website.  What’s sad is when the company’s website doesn’t appear first in such a basic search.

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