The New Face of “Advertising”

Twenty five years ago, advertising meant newspaper, radio, television, direct mail and possibly billboards. Occasionally there would be a need for a magazine buy… but as an agency, our options were “limited”.

Today, your advertising options have multiplied exponentially. However, while the methods of delivery may have expanded, the basics remain the same. Creating a viral video is great “bait” to attract traffic to your web site just as a great television ad can also drive traffic to your web site or blog.

Many small business owners spend a lot of energy in the Quest for the Perfect Ad . Whether it’s crafting the perfect ad copy or creating the perfect logo, the pursuit of perfection in advertising is an exercise in frustration. In the end… the perfect ad isn’t one that wins awards… it’s one that creates new customers or clients for your business. The way to create ads that speak to those new clients/customers is to first identify who those people are and then creating messages targeted specifically to them… a process known as “Niche Marketing“.

In other words… there is nothing “new” under the sun.  There may be new ways to interact with your potential customers… new delivery vehicles for your message… but in the end…  solving the problems of those customers is the foundation of any advertising campaign.

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